Thursday, July 27, 2006

Guest Evaluation at UPS Toastmasters Club

Today Les attended the UPS ACSC Toastmasters Club meeting as guest evaluator upon the invitation of DivGov. Dona Ado. The meeting was held at the 5th floor of the NOL Towers Bldg in the Madrigal Business Park, Alabang. Club President SB Lim and VP Education Denisse Lim were there to welcome guests. A stickler for time, SB Lim reversed the programme sequence and went ahead to discuss the club's business matters while waiting for the other guest evaluators to arrive. DivGov. Rema Manzano attended the meeting as General Evaluator.

There were 4 prepared speakers and 2 table topic speakers. Since Gov. Lolet and Beth didn't make it, it was up to Rema and Les to do the evaluation jobs. Les evaluated two prepared speakers: Anne Reyes and Cecil Cuapiaco for speech#1 and #2 respectively as well as the impromptu speakers Eva and Cris. Anne delivered an emotional Icebreaker Speech entitled "A Dream Come True". Cecil delivered AND sang her speech entitled "Simple Lessons Matter" where she used the mnemonic DKNY to structure and remember the points of her speech. How clever! It was a very enthusiastic and productive meeting. With everybody keeping within their alloted time, the meeting promptly ended at 8:00pm much to everybody's delight.