Thursday, August 10, 2006

Guest Evaluation at Alabang Community Toastmasters Club

AreaGov. Lolet Gabay invited Les to guest evaluate today at the Alabang Communit Toastmasters Club at the 2nd floor of the Gloria Maris Restaurant in Alabang Town Center. DivGov. Rema Manzano was also there to guest evaluate. Club President Dr. Neil Carranto and VP Peter Almonte were there to welcome to guests.

The theme of the meeting was "Taking the Club Seriously". Les took on the Table Topics evaluation for 4 speakers: Neil, Viviene, Peter and Anne. He also evaluated 2 Prepared Speech speakers Viviene Vargas and Dr. Neil Carranto. A speaker very fluent in the English language, Viviene delivered a remarkable Icebreaker Speech entitled "The Swan". Dr. Neil's speech was entitled "The Ant" and talked about his keen observations on the characteristics of the ant.

For his part, Les delivered his Advanced Speech Project #2 - Speaking to Entertain from the Professional Speakers Manual and was evaluated by Lolet. His speech took 12 minutes to deliver although the required limit was 15 to 20 minutes.

AreaGov. Lolet in turn gave a stirring delivery of her Advanced Speech #4 - A Touching Story and was evaluated by Rema. Her speech, which was a story about her struggles and challenges with her deaf son simply brought the audience to tears. The club meeting ended at 9:15pm.